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    [Official] Gang Rules


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    [Official] Gang Rules

    Post by Andrew McDonald on Tue Dec 15, 2015 6:34 pm

    Game Affairs - Gang Management

    1.1. Turf Rules

    1.1.1. Always wear your bandana when you are attending a turf.
    1.1.2. You are not allowed to invite someone to your gang 15 minutes before turf. Or during a turf.
    1.1.3. Lag capping or capping while desynced intentionally is not allowed. (Attempting is a form of lagcapping too.)
    1.1.4. Gangs are allowed to return to a turf after death only if the turf is not over yet.
    1.1.5. Civilians can NOT attend turf wars, you need to be a member of an official gang or faction to attend.
    1.1.6. Gangs/Factions are not allowed to attend a turf without the intention of capping((Attending without any r5+ available)( Aiding allies in a turf without an active R5 not allowed aswell).
    1.1.7. A gang is NEVER allowed to ally with a faction during a turf war. This also transcends out of turfs too.
    1.1.8. You may not use any animation within the boundaries of an active turf, even if you do not gain any advantages by using them.
    1.1.9. You may only begin shooting 15 minutes before turf ( :45 ). Earlier than that and you may get punished.
    1.1.10. You CANNOT ram nor drive-by at turfs.
    1.1.11. A gang is only allowed to team up with ONE other gang.


    1.1.2. Gang Strike
    1.1.3. Gang Strike
    1.1.5. Prison ( 40 minutes)
    1.1.6. Prison (45 minutes) (three members involved+ = Gang strike)
    1.1.7. Prison (60 minutes) + Gang/faction removal.
    First Offence: Verbal Warning
    Second Offence : Prison (45 minutes) (three members involved+ : Gang strike)
    1.1.9. DM warning + Prison (60 minutes)(3 members involved+: Gang strike)
    1.1.10. Prison (60 minutes)
    1.1.11. Gang strike

    1.2. Mass Recruitment

    1.2.1 You're NOT allowed to /adjust invite someone without following some sort of recruitment procedure that adheres to good roleplay standards.
    1.2.2 Inviting players within 15 minutes before turf won't be tolerated and will be considered as Mass recruiting. (If Attending)

    Prison + warning + Gang strike (First offense)
    Prison + warning + Kicked from gang + Gang strike (Second offense)

    1.3. Bandana Rules

    1.3.1. You are not allowed to attack someone without YOU wearing a bandana or if the rival gang member doesn't wear a bandana. The gang skin won't matter. If you wear it or not, it doesn't matter. It's all about the bandana.
    1.3.2. Bandanas are implemented for a reason, for gangs to show themselves, their flag and to represent as a whole.
    1.3.3. Bandanas is a must when your gang is going to attend an active turf. Gangsters caught not wearing their prescribed bandanas will be prisoned for 10 minutes maximum.
    1.3.4. Raiding a Gang, whose members are not wearing a bandana is not allowed, as it will lead to potential deathmatching.


    1.3.1. DM warning (3 members involved: Gang Strike)

    1.4 Gang Leader Rules

    1.4.1. You're not allowed to sell or attempt to sell your gang slot, otherwise you will get banned.
    1.4.2. Any kind of destructive attitude towards our community won't be tolerated and could result in a removal from your gang slot position. (this includes Forum posting and In-Game acting.)
    1.4.3. Giving out any information that is stated in the private Ganglord section is strictly forbidden and won't be tolerated.
    1.4.4. Ignoring high Management orders or not leading your gang according the rules, that we require, will result in an removal of your gang slot position.
    1.4.5. Leaving or giving slot away without informing it to the (gang) Management, will not be tolerated and will result in a ban from holding a Gang Slot position.
    1.4.6. If a gang slot holder got caught and has sold his slot already, both the slot holder and the buyer will be banned for being a gang lord and will receive a 10% total wealth fine including the cash used on the said deal.
    1.4.7. A gang leader can only invited a total of 65 member in their gang slot.


    1.4.1. TEMP.BAN(30 days)
    1.4.3/1.4.4/1.4.5/1.4.6: Removal from leadership + added to blacklist leaders for 3months
    1.4.7. Strike will be issued every time its violated. Leader will be removed from slot after this happends 2 times.

    1.5 Gang Event Rules

    1.5.1. Any ILLEGAL modifications are not allowed and will never be.
    1.5.2. You can't recruit members after the event announcement.
    1.5.3. If you crash or accidentally left the game after the game has started, you won't be TPed back.


    1.5.1. Disband the whole gang from event + TEMP.BAN(up to ban dept).
    1.5.2. Normal rules must be applied > Gang Strike for massrecruiting.
    1.5.3. Muted from using reports(spam).

    failure to follow the said event rules will resort to suspension from the event and all members from your gang will be teleported back to LS.

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