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    [Official] Gang Roleplay & The Forums

    Post by Andrew McDonald on Mon Dec 14, 2015 3:43 pm

    Hello gang leaders and members of Insidious Roleplay. Here at the gang management department we have decided to add a new feature for gangs to try and earn some extra rewards through forum activity and in-game roleplay. We believe that this new system will increase the quality of the gangs here at Lawless and will definitely help assert your gang's dominance.

    Gang Forum Representing:
    Gangs can now earn rewards from forum activity. What we mean by this is that gangs that post frequent threads about their gang (this could be roleplay pictures, stories, recruitment posters, gang screenshot threads etc.) will now be granted in-game and forum rewards for their efforts. We believe this to be a good decision as it will, firstly, encourage gangs to keep people informed and up-to-date with information about their gang and allow players to feel proud of their gang and represent themselves throughout the forums. Not only will this allow us to keep a good eye on gang progress, but it will allow gangs to feel more in-touch with the community and possibly get more people interested in their gang.

    Gang Roleplay:
    In an attempt to increase player interaction and add some roleplay to gang life we'd like to see more orchestrated gang roleplay events. There's many ways that this could be done; you could run a 'pimp my ride' style competition; you could run some races; you could have some roleplay baseball bat fights with other gangs; have some ingame gang meetings; import massive amounts of drugs from the border. There's all sorts you could do, let your imagination run wild! These things are all going to just improve the quality of your gang and make the server more diverse.

    Invite Roleplay:
    Here at gang management we're always looking out for some roleplay gang invites and we'd like to see more as not a lot of members these days are being invited in roleplay ways to gangs. With the new member limit rule in place gangs now have to choose people who they deem worthy to join their family, we believe that this is more easily done through roleplay. Not only will this increase the roleplay levels of each gang, but it will ensure you that every member of your gang is a good addition.

    Potential Rewards:
    - Free gang vehicle(s)
    - Secondary gang hideout
    - Gang materials
    - Gang drugs
    - Spas-12 s

    if you're having any issues, feel free to send me a message.

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